Even more skilled in the art of death, assassins are those few who have gone on to perfect the arts of murder to an incredibly fine degree. So deadly are the cold-hearted killers that they are beyond the ideas of allegiance and devotion to anything more than the next challenging kill.

Assassins come from any races and most are independent. They kill people for no other reason than to gain profit through contract killings

Assassin Encounter 1
You plunge your weapon into the enemies vital spot, attempting to finish it off.

Standard ActionMelee Weapon

Primary Ability vs Reflex

2[W]+Primary Modifier

If the target is bloodied, increase the damage to 3[W].

Assassin Level 5 Feature
-You gain a +2 bonus to Stealth. Whenever you would make a stealth check in dim light, or complete darkness, you can roll twice for your stealth check and take the higher of the two rolls.

Assassin Level 10 Feature
- The bonus to your stealth increases to +4. In addition, once per day, you can automatically use a 20 in place of what you rolled for a stealth check roll.


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