Rage rests within the heart of the orc and troll races, like some barely contained beast ready to tear its way out. For many, this rage allows them to face even the most dangerous of foes and survive. Their innate ability to hold on to this energy and ride it through the waves of battle has made the Horde a feared and respected force. Yet some orcs and trolls descend even deeper in this rage, harassing it as often as they can, fighting on without care for themselves and showing no mercy to those in their paths. These are the berserkers.

Level 1 Berserker Starting Features
-You gain the Berserking Encounter Power

Berserker Power 1
You unleash a primal rage, lowering your defenses but attacking with unrelenting fury.

Minor ActionPersonal

You fly into a rage, gaining a +2 bonus to melee attack and damage rolls, but a -2 penalty to AC. Whenever you spend a healing surge this effect ends.

Berserker Level 5 Feature
Ferocity: You gain a +1 bonus to Fortitude while under the effects of Berserking.

Berserker Level 10 Feature
You can roll twice for an Intimidate check and use either result.


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