Knight of the Silver Hand or Blood Knight

The Knights of the Silver Hand was the original paladin order. Formed during the Second War, it was at its height until the time of the Plague. As paladins were immune to the Plague (and indeed all diseases), many members of the Order survived the initial push of the Scourge. Unfortunately, the corrupted Arthas Menethil killed many paladins upon his return (including Uther the Lightbringer), leaving only a scattered few. The Order of the Silver Hand was disbanded by prince Arthas Menethil when Uther the Lightbringer refused to aid in the purging of Stratholme.

Knight of the Silver Hand Starting Feature
-You gain access to the Shield of Devotion power.

Shield of Devotion
Knight of the Silver Hand 1
The Light will guide us.

EncounterHealing, Divine
Immediate InterruptClose Burst 5

An Ally drops below 0 HP.

You heal the target ally for an amount equal to your Primary Ability modifier.

Optional Powers

Order Charger
Knight of the Silver Hand Utility 2
You summon the holy horse of your order.

Minor ActionPersonal

This functions just like the Cavalier Summon, except you can only use this once per day.

Smite of Justice
Knight of the Silver Hand Encounter 7
You strike at your enemy with the light behind your swing!

Standard ActionMelee Weapon

Primary Ability vs AC

2[W]+Primary Ability Modifier, and the target is knocked prone. When the target stands, it provokes an opportunity attack from all allies adjacent to it.

Blessed Weapon
Knight of the Silver Hand Utility 10
You kneel in contemplation of the light, before the Light answers by blessing your weapon.

Minor ActionPersonal

Your weapon attacks deal an additional 1d10 Holy damage, and you can critically strike on a roll of 18-20 on a creature vulnerable to Holy.

Knight of the Silver Hand or Blood Knight

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