New Rules

New Action Type!
Long Action – This action takes longer than a standard action, such as casting a long spell, or precisely aiming your attacks.
A Long Action consumes a Standard Action and a Move Action. You cannot normally take a long action unless a power specifically allows you to take one.

Damage Types: The damage types are changed.

Untyped >>>> Physical
Radiant >>>> Holy
Fire >>>> Fire
Cold >>>> Frost
Force >>>> Arcane
Poison, Thunder, Lightning >>>> Nature
Necrotic >>>> Shadow.

New Ability Score Names!

Strength >>>> Strength
Constitution >>>> Stamina
Dexterity >>>> Agility
Wisdom >>>> Spirit
Intelligence >>>> Intelligence
Charisma >>>> Charisma

Weapon and Armor Changes

In Azeroth, some certain weapons, armor, and implements don’t exist. With the absence of exotic weapons and superior implements, most weapons have received an upgrade in their stats to accommodate the lack of Exotic weapons. These weapons have their weapon groups listed next to their names, for the purpose of qualifying for feats from the original 4E source material


Daggers (Light Blade) – +3, 1d4, Off-hand, Light Thrown
One Handed Axe (Axe) – +2, 1d12 damage, versatile.
One handed Mace (Hammer)- +2, 1d10 damage, brutal 2, versatile
One handed Sword(Heavy Blade) – +3, 1d10 damage, versatile
Two Handed Sword(Heavy Blade) – +3, 1d12, High Crit
Two Handed Axe(Axe) – +2, 1d12, High Crit, Brutal 2
Two-Handed Mace(Hammer) – +2, 2d6, Brutal 1
Fist Weapon(Light Blade) – +3, 1d8, High Crit
Polearm (Axe, Spear) – +2, 2d6, Brutal 1
Staff (Staff) – +2, 1d8

Bow (Bow) – +2, 1d12, Load Free
Crossbow (Crossbow) – +3, 1d10, Brutal 2, Load Minor
Gun (Crossbow) – +2, 2d6, Brutal 1, Load Minor


Cloth – +0
Leather – +2
Mail – +6, -1 to Checks, -1 to Speed
Plate – +8, -2 to Checks, -1 to Speed
Shield – +2 bonus to AC, -2 to Checks


One Handed Swords

Level Cap!

The new level cap is 20, down from 30, this is to reflect the absence of ascending to godhood.

As such is the case, Paragon Paths and Epic Destinies have been removed from Warcraft 4e,
but have been supplemented with a new system, Talents, which reflect progression in a different way. Each class has a number of talent “trees” to access from, where these talents will do anything from giving you new powers, to increasing your abilities.

New Rules

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