Although vindicators may come from any race or culture, all vindicators share one thing in common: They harbor an unwavering desire to bring retribution upon those they deem deserving of punishment. Vindicators only avenge those things they have personally witnessed or otherwise hold irrefutable proof of the wrongs they are trying to right. Vindicators are fueled by a deep hatred, which usually comes from the loss of a loved one, the witnessing of a horrible crime or injustice, or sometimes great personal suffering experienced at some point in the past. Vindicators travel the world to punish those who have harmed others. Vindicators are stern and humorless loners, they are not the easiest persons to befriend, but once they call someone a comrade they go to great lengths to protect, or avenge him. Vindicators are driven by the need to bring what they call justice upon their enemies. They sometimes appear to be merciless zealots who would risk their lives and those of their friends to seek retribution. They may be intense and focused, but despite their ill-reputed, and seldom understood ideas of what is right and wrong, vindicators view themselves as indispensable tools of justice. Vindicators seldom respect society’s laws, but are willing to work with whoever they need to complete their self-appointed task. Vindicators often take on the roles of vigilantes, imposing their unusual sense of justice on the people of their communities. While vindicators may be rash, their actions are never evil, nor do they consider the act of seeking revenge especially cruel. After all, it is the right thing to do.

Vindicator Level 1 Feature
-You gain the Viscious Smite Power

Viscious Smite
Vindicator 1

Free ActionMelee Weapon

You hit an adjacent enemy with a melee attack.

Each creature adjacent to the target rakes 1[W] damage. You and each enemy within 2 squares of you grant Combat Advantage until the end of your next turn.

Vindicator Level 5 Feature

-Whenever you reduce a non-minion enemy to 0 HP, you gain a +4 bonus to the next attack roll you make before the end of your next turn.

Vindicator Level 10 Feature

- When you score a critical hit, or use Vindicator’s Smite, you gain 10 Temporary HP.


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